2016-2017 Calendar

I have adapted this calendar to the current dates of solemnities, feasts, and memorials according to the Liturgical Calendar of the USCCB. This was done so that liturgical celebrations (Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours) would coincide with the meditations as closely as possible. I have also tried to list multiple meditations on days where more than one meditation is appropriate.

Please note: This calendar is not the only way to order the meditations. This is what I’ve worked on as a ‘best fit’ for adapting the 1962 ordering to the current liturgical year.
The daily Mass readings changed so significantly that it is not possible to align the current readings with those that were in place in 1962.

Click on one of the links below to download:

Divine Intimacy Calendar 2017
Full Size

This is the full-size calendar.
Divine Intimacy Calendar 2017
Booklet Style

To print, select two sided printing, flip on short edge. It can be stapled in the center (curl one side over so the stapler can reach) or hole punched on the fold and tied with a string or ribbon.
Please link to this site (http://divineintimacy.larmour.us) rather than direct linking to or copying the files for your own website.

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  1. / ReplyBill
    Thank you, and may God bless you, Chris.
  2. / ReplyLaura
    Thank you very much! Your time and effort is much appreciated!
  3. / ReplyJoan
    Thank you very much for continuing to research and publish this calendar! God bless you and keep you!
  4. / Replyraphy
    Thank You, God bless you , Raphy
  5. / ReplyJtm
    Chris, Thank you for this act of charity. This has been of great benefit to our OCDS Community each year. May God Reward you!
  6. / ReplyGloria
    why cant I print the calendar with WORD?
    • / ReplyChris
      Hi Gloria, I create the calendar in PDF mostly because not everyone has Word, and Adobe Reader is free. Also, Word does not always maintain formatting properly, so the calendar would not print right for some people.
    • / ReplyLucky
      There are no words to describe how bodicaous this is.
  7. / ReplyBetsy
    Prayers of thanksgiving for you and this gift!
  8. / ReplySusan
    This is SO helpful! Thank you!
  9. / Replyslico
    I just saw that this had been updated--thanks so much for doing this!
    • / ReplyChris
      You're welcome - sorry it took so long!
  10. / ReplyTom
    Thanks so much Chris! Your work is incredible!!

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